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You Caught Your Spouse Cheating — What Next?

When you exchanged vows, you never expected infidelity. Now, you suspect your spouse is cheating — or, even worse, you might have caught them in the act. Anger, sadness, disappointment and a range of emotions are bound to cloud your judgment, causing you to make rash decisions. Follow these steps to ensure you handle yourself with dignity during this trying time:

  • Gather evidence: Unfounded accusations can lead to more marital strife and discord. Get your ducks in a row before confronting your significant other. Gather your partner’s phone bill, photos, credit card and bank statements, text messages, emails and other relevant evidence, so there is little room for denial. Hard proof can also help you later in a divorce proceeding, if necessary.
  • Keep your cool: This is the hardest part. When confronting your spouse, stay calm and collected. Give your significant other the chance to explain themselves and tell the truth before you present the evidence. Discuss your options and lay out your terms. These talks will probably take place over the course of several discussions and may be emotionally draining.
  • Make a decision: As the faithful spouse, the ball may be in your court, so to speak. Decide whether you want to give your spouse a second chance, attempt a trial separation or end your marriage completely. Ask your partner for their input, even if you are remiss to hear it.
  • Contact an attorney: Even if you are unsure whether divorce is the right choice, speak with a Queens family law lawyer to explore your options. In many cases, adultery does not have a large impact on a final divorce judgment, and it does not necessarily mean you have the upper hand during proceedings. Having a seasoned lawyer in your corner helps maximize your chances of coming out on top in the end.

If your spouse committed infidelity, you may even want to talk to a therapist to learn about coping mechanisms. For legal support, Sager Gellerman Eisner Attorneys at Law offers compassionate, discrete representation during a separation or divorce.

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