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Dressing For Divorce Court

While a person’s appearance isn’t supposed to factor into a court’s decision during a divorce hearing, it could go a long way toward giving a judge insight into your personality. And, if you aren’t dressed appropriately for your day in court, it could negatively affect the judge’s view of you. Although there is no dress code in court, following these basic tips can give credence to your case:

  • Dress as you would for a job interview: For men, wear a suit to the hearing if you can. If not, a collared shirt is highly recommended, and remember to leave the jeans and shorts at home. Women should wear either a suit or conservative dress that isn’t too revealing.  
  • Muted colors: Bright colors are not appropriate for a courtroom setting. Muted blues, reds and greys fit the tone of the day much better. Also, be sure to stay away from all black outfits. You’re getting divorced, not going to a funeral.
  • Cover up: If possible, make sure to wear clothing that hides any tattoos you have. Additionally, temporarily take out any body piercings that might be distracting. Neck tattoos and eyebrow rings do not conjure up images of professionalism.
  • Good hygiene: A shower, a razor and a toothbrush are your best friends in a time like this. Facial hair is fine, as long as it is neat and clean. This shows that you are put together and ready to take the court process seriously.
  • No distractions: Do you usually have a phone or keys in your pocket? Get rid of them. When people get nervous, they usually fiddle with items in their pockets. Remember, judges have spent years behind the bench and they are tuned into all sorts of body language. Turn the phone off and leave your personal belongings either in your car or on your chair while speaking.

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