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The Types Of Child Custody Plans Available In Queens, New York

The decisions made during a child custody case will have a lasting impact on your entire family for years to come. That’s why, as a parent, it is so important to establish a custody plan that works in the best interest of your children to ensure they live a happy and healthy life as they grow up. In New York, there are different types of custody agreements parents can enter into, depending on their situation. These are:

  • Joint physical custody: In joint physical custody agreements, a child will alternate living with both parents for a significant amount of time during the week. The exact days spent at each home can be worked out between the parents, or will be established by the courts to be fair to both parties.
  • Joint legal custody: This plan establishes that both parents have an equal say on all of the major decisions in a child’s life, including education, religion and any medical issues they have to deal with.
  • Sole physical custody: In this agreement, a child will live with one parent full time. However, a court will set up visitation rights for the other parent in most cases.
  • Sole legal custody: When sole legal custody is awarded, one parent will make all of the legal decisions for a child, leaving the other party without a say over the matter.
  • Temporary custody: While a custody dispute is ongoing, a temporary custody agreement will be established with one parent until the case is resolved. However, the identity of the temporary custodian will not have an effect on the court’s decision for a permanent plan.

Any combination of legal and physical custody can be awarded to parents, as the courts treat every case based on its own unique circumstances. It’s important to understand the different types of custody agreements and discuss them with an experienced family law attorney before your case even begins. 

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