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Queens Attorneys Settle Child Relocation Disputes

When the custodial parent wants to move away with the child

When children are relocated far from the noncustodial parent, the emotional bond may be forever weakened. Compounding the normal strain of adjusting to new surroundings, the disruption of the relationship with the noncustodial parent can be emotionally damaging. The experienced Nassau County attorneys at Sager Gellerman Eisner Attorneys at Law advocate for your child’s best interests any time relocation is proposed.

Understanding the procedure for relocation requests

If a parent with full child custody or shared custody wishes to relocate with the children, the court can approve or deny the request. As in all custody modification cases, the court’s decision is based on the best interests of the children. Having both parents nearby and available to spend time with children is generally the ideal situation. However, a move may be to your child’s advantage — it may provide greater educational opportunities, a better standard of living or a stable home with a stepparent.

The burden is on the parent who is requesting the relocation to convince the court of its merits. The opposing parent may offer a counterargument that the children’s interests are better served by remaining in their current home or by transferring custody to the opposing parent. Founded in 1979, our law firm presents the best case for or against the move, backed by thorough research and evidence.

The role of temporary custody orders

There are a number of reasons a court may issue a temporary child custody order. If a parent attempts relocation without permission of the court, the court can temporarily assign custody as it sees fit. A judge may also order temporary child custody if the child runs away from the custodial parent. Our experienced Nassau County child custody law firm helps you determine whether a temporary custody order is appropriate to protect your child. We also challenge temporary custody orders for parents who have lost custody.

The involvement of other relatives in your child’s life

The child’s relationships with grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives may be shortchanged by the parent who is seeking relocation. These relatives can tell the court how their continued involvement benefits the child.

Our track record of success in relocation cases

It has been our experience that the courts want to do what is best for the child in relocation cases. Below are examples of our success in convincing the court that relocation was a bad idea.

  • In one of our cases, the mother wanted to move with her child to pursue a new job. Despite the financial benefits, we convinced the court that it was in the child’s best interests to stay near her father. Our law firm showed the court that her father’s loving care and personal involvement were essential to her healthy upbringing.
  • In yet another case, the mother left her child with the child’s aunt for five years while she lived in Seattle. The daughter, now 12 years old, wanted to stay with the aunt. Our Nassau County law firm demonstrated to the court that because of the aunt’s care, the child’s stable roots in her home and her expressed wishes, she ought to remain in her aunt’s custody.

Let our Queens County child custody lawyers assert your parental rights

If the other parent threatens to take your child beyond your reach, we explain your legal options. We are particularly sensitive to the issues surrounding custody disputes involving professionals and high-net-worth individuals. You can reach us through our online contact form or call us at 347.625.1038 for a consultation. From our offices in Queens and Forest Hills, we serve clients in Queens, Nassau and Westchester counties and the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.