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Queens Attorneys Explain Child Support Calculations

Ensuring a fair and realistic level of support for your children

Whether you will be paying child support or receiving it, our Nassau County family law attorneys protect your rights so you and your child can enjoy life to the fullest. If you will be receiving child support, you should keep in mind that a bigger child support obligation is not always better — if the support payments are unrealistic, there’s a greater risk of default, or nonpayment. If you will be paying child support, you should be aware that the court will not approve an agreement that calls for payments that are inadequate for the proper care and support of your child.

Factors in determining child support in New York

In New York, child support is not just a moral responsibility; it is a legal obligation. By law, both parents, regardless of whether they’re married, must provide support for their children. The parent that earns more must pay more. In setting the amount of support, New York courts apply a formula contained in the state’s child support guidelines. Unfortunately, this is not as straightforward as it might sound. As a part of the process:

  • The court assesses your and your ex-spouse’s financial situations, including income and economic stability.
  • The court considers your expenses.
  • The income of the parents is added together and multiplied by a coefficient based on the number of children requiring support.
  • The resulting number is then divided between the parties, based on their relative incomes.

Child support calculations require honest information

The calculation of child support obligations is an intensely information-driven process. The parties must provide all of their financial information to the court so it can set the support accurately. The other parent may attempt to conceal the extent of his or her finances. Our tenacious Queens County child support attorneys ferret out all of the data.

Our attorneys have ways of obtaining the information necessary for a proper child support award. For instance, our child support lawyers can subpoena information from employers and financial institutions. After decades of practicing divorce law, we have seen the many ways in which parents try to hide their assets and evade their fair share of child support. Choose a law firm that will unearth any chicanery by your ex-spouse.

A child support order can be modified

If you or the other parent experienced a substantial change in circumstances or your child’s needs have changed, you can petition the court for a child support modification. The request must be accompanied by an explanation of why a modification is appropriate. The court holds a hearing, during which the other parent is allowed to challenge the request. Our child support lawyers represent your interests at the hearing. We also help you enforce child custody orders.

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