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Queens Domestic Violence Lawyers Guard Your Safety

Queens County attorneys protect you from abuse

You do not have to stand for physical or mental abuse from your ex-spouse. In this frightening situation, however, you may not know how to protect yourself. The respected family law firm Sager Gellerman Eisner Attorneys at Law offers calm, trustworthy legal assistance to those who have suffered, or been threatened with, domestic violence. Our attorneys provide you with the protection you and your children need and deserve.

Understanding your options in a domestic violence case

Our justice system recognizes the immediate peril posed by an unresolved domestic violence situation. As a result, there are a couple of options our Queens County attorneys can pursue to protect you:

  • Temporary protective order — We help you obtain a temporary order of protection to guard you and your children against an immediate threat. This order forces your spouse to leave your home and maintain a safe distance from you. During this period, we petition the court for temporary orders concerning child support, spousal support and child custody. While the temporary orders are in place, our family law attorneys can pursue long-term options such as separation or divorce.
  • Long-term protective order — The temporary orders won’t be sufficient if the threat of domestic violence is a long-term problem. If that is the case, our Nassau County attorneys petition the court on your behalf for a permanent restraining order. Our justice system is concerned about the protection of vulnerable spouses and children, but it also must protect the rights of the accused. As a result, the courts require proof of the violence or threats. While we are working on your request for long-term protection, our lawyers also will advise you about the grounds for filing for divorce.

The effect of domestic violence on future court proceedings

Because the courts are concerned about preventing domestic violence, an abusive spouse’s actions will come back to haunt him or her in a number of other family law proceedings. The court takes a history of domestic violence into account when it considers:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation rights
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

Let our Queens County domestic violence attorneys protect you

Don’t put up with abuse and threats of violence. Our attorneys at Sager Gellerman Eisner Attorneys at Law help keep you safe from harm. You can reach us through our online contact form or call us at 347.625.1038 for a consultation. From our offices in Queens and Forest Hills, we serve clients in Nassau and Queens Counties and the New York City boroughs of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.